21 – Button Mashers

October 4th, 2009

21 – Button Mashers

Commentary: Well, ouch. Makes you wonder how a real guitarist can do it, they must be rushing to the hospital every time they finish practice.

That song must be a killer.

↓ Transcript
(Adam plays a song).

(Adam struggles to hit fifty notes in under five seconds).

Adam: ...and then my hand started to bleed.

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  1. avatar DJay32 says:

    Okay, time for a Comic Strip Over-Analyzation! First of all, what do those lines symbolize? Seriously, I can understand the musical notes, but then you’ve got all these vertical lines in there, and that’s just… I mean… what? Secondly, if I can play every single song in every single Guitar Hero and Rock Band game without my hand catching on fire, I highly doubt it will happen to you. Now, I realize that’s just purely for comedy, but still. …although, it IS pretty funny. xD

    Now, as for comedic timing, I think maybe the line should have been “..and that’s when my hand caught on fire.” Just a little bit of nitpicking. Other than that, this is a good comic.


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