Character: AyAyius Letterus

Age: N/A






Ayius Letterus (Ay for short) is a letter. Exactly where he came from is unknown by everybody who knows him. His age is unknown. His internal system is unknown (scientists haven’t had a chance to cut him open up yet to see what goes on inside of him). Even his gender is unknown, although he insists that he is indeed male. There doesn’t appear to be any female letters and when asked about it, he said, “Hey. We just appear out of nowhere, and when we die we just disappear. Don’t ask me.” He was then asked how it is possible for letters to just appear and disappear out of nowhere, to which he responded, “Science fiction!”

His odd species’ origins aside, Ay is a prankster, a conniving ally and “a silly moron”, as Adam likes to call him.

So why do Adam and George keep him around? “Because he’s funny.”

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